Deeply attached to its values that place human capital as the company’s main asset, the group Ramery makes part of a win/win situation with its employees, that allows it to expect a collective success. Indeed, because the group’s development is achieved through people’s respect and their fulfilment, the group Ramery relies on:

A strong social policy

  • With an internal training centre « Passerell l’atelier formation, training workshop » which promotes coaching and expertise transmission.
  • With the skills development via training and guidance, offering employees the possibility to be part of their own success.
  • With an important place for social dialogue that embodies the company’s values: the customer service spirit, respect for each other.

And efficient health and safety policy

  • With an approach aimed to improve the working conditions (workstation ergonomic studies, machinery and tools customisation, fight against musculoskeletal disorders) all directed by an internal ergonomist.
  • With innovative material investment policy and equipment protection both individual and collective to insure safety at working sites and obtain the objective of «zero accidents»