The group Ramery puts its sustainable construction design at the centre of its strategy, of its development and also its innovations. And by the means of our engagements, our objective is to preserve natural resources and use them as effectively as possible.

By permanently researching innovation

A truly collective and dynamic Research and Development manner, to confront major environmental challenges that lie ahead, all the different sectors are engaged in order to offer new and renewable energy sources such as photovoltaics and methanation.

By respecting nature

  • Numerous action plans regarding carbon footprint have been put in place in order to reduce our greenhouse gas emissions. This way Ramery travaux publics favours cold mix surfacing, Ramery environnement streamlines its platforms to reduce unnecessary journeys, Ramery batiment, established nationwide, continues to expand the use of video conferences for their meetings,...
  • To fight to reduce pressure on landfills, Ramery environnement, is permanently searching new recycling procedures.

By protecting natural resources

  • To responded to the increasing scarcity of raw materials, Ramery environnement has invested in the circular economy by becoming a secondary raw material producer thanks to a recycling program. The company supplies Ramery travaux publics with draining grinded material or crushed rubble for the roads superficial layers.
  • Buildings, the biggest energy consumers, are from now on designed and built according to highest standards such as the high energy-saving standard and the Effinergie association label, but also the Passiv Hauss energy-efficient label. Ramery has been certified as «Energy performance professionals», Ramery batiment has also done numerous projects labelled HQE (High quality environment), HPE (High energy performance), THPE (Very high energy performance), Passive Hauss.
  • The choice of materials is not made simply in cost terms but equally in their impact they might have on the environment either by their production or also their transportation.