As a company tied with the construction of tertiary buildings or various types of infrastructure… The group Ramery is a major player in local projects. All its subsidiaries, support regional development by several means.
Our socio-political policy consists of:

Sustaining links with local communities

  • By creating partnerships with schools, work-study contracts can be programmed, via anticipatory employment management, the generational succession.
    The creation of internal promotions such as formworkers helps to pass the internal knowledge and to promote hiring new qualified employees and trained according the Ramery’s business strategy.
  • By improving citizen’s living standards.
    Ramery Immobilier, by reinvigorating neighbourhoods thanks to property development projects perfectly adapted to their environment, by making areas more attractive in order to achieve a better urban renewal.
  • By sponsoring local and regional sport team or cultural institutions such as Lille’s opera or Pompidou’s mobile museum to keep interest in sports and culture well alive in our region.
  • By taking action when it comes to return to work schemes and giving everyone back their place in society.
    In 2013, Ramery travaux publics has clocked 14600 hours of readmission clauses and Ramery batiment 20000 hours these being equivalent to 19 full-time jobs.
  • By restoring industrial sites.
    The different technical skills we master in our different business sectors allow us to dismantle sites, clean up, service and arrange them while constructing buildings that last.

Public contractors and private client’s satisfaction

  • Providing our clients an added value by outing forward proposals and being reactive when it comes to presenting innovative and tailor-made solutions.
  • By permanently researching how to fulfil what we have promised while at the same time respecting all the quality standards, all deadlines and prices expected by our clients.
  • By obtaining our client’s trust by listening to them carefully and help them succeed in their objectives and obligations.

A responsible purchasing policy

By making official Ramery’s engagement in the ethic and sustainable development’s domains and also a responsible purchasing policy charter.