ramery travaux publics

An essential partner for infrastructure project


Ramery’s group subsidiary, Ramery travaux publics works along its partners in their infrastructure projects in Northern France and in Algeria. By offering a diversified expertise to its private and public clients and its area’s knowledge, it assists with road works, industrial infrastructures, urban planning, sanitation, various networks projects and civil engineering.

Following the group’s policies, Ramery travaux publics develops a culture of quality and service, of proximity and responsiveness. It’s surrounded by a highly qualified staff and privileged partners to respond to all of its client’s demands.

In order to become tomorrow’s essential partner of all large projects in Northern France and elsewhere, Ramery travaux publics improves constantly its performance, increases its range of services and projects while always offering innovative techniques that respect the environment.



  • Lille Métropole
  • Hainaut Cambrésis
  • Flandre Littoral
  • Artois
  • Côte d’Opale
  • Seine Maritime
  • Aisne
  • Oise - Ile de France
  • Marne


  • Nord
  • Pas de Calais


  • Algeria


  • Quarries
  • Recycling centre/inert waste storage installation
  • Emulsion

Support services

  • Material
  • Laboratory
  • Studies and Design Construction centre
  • Prevention
  • + Ramery’s SA support services (accounts, legal, human resources, communication, IT)


A diverse offer tailor-made

travaux routiers

Road works

A know-how when it comes to innovative materials adapted to all different types of traffic, surfaces, soils and environments, allows Ramery travaux publics to master the design of bituminous, gravel cement and concrete roads for all types of construction works and maintenance.

Aménagement urbain

Urban planning

To respond to a large demand from cities and municipalities for urban planning in their city centres with pedestrian-only zones, we have developed our urban planning skills.

Laying curbstones and natural stone pavements, street furniture, fountain building or also storm water management ponds all constructed respecting and enhancing the environment.

Génie civil

Civil engineering

Our research and studies’ offices expertise provides adapted responses and thanks to a global mastery from small-scale construction sites to large projects, in rural zones, urban ones and also in high traffic roads.

Oil industry works, purification plants, parkings, noise barrier walls, geomembrane basins… are all examples of sectors that make part of Ramery travaux publics activities, allowing it to give adapted response to public contractors and private investors.



When it comes to drinking water networks, gas distribution networks and medium and low voltage electricity, housing networks, and even moving low voltage overhead electricity wiring underground, telephone networks and street lighting, Ramery travaux publics offers a complete solution and masters all types of network construction.

Ouvragces spécifiques

Specific construction works

Thanks to its 40 years of experience, Ramery travaux publics has developed a work ethic methodology always engaged in respecting and taking care of the first stages of any construction site.

Clearing, filling in, designing the road, ground levelling, compacting, soil quality control and soil treatment if necessary before building road infrastructure, landfill sites, supporting structures and as well as backfilling work among others, they all are crucial stages.

See our achievements

Génie civil


Whether is for building storm water facilities and sewage systems, constructing of waterproof or infiltration basins, or even constructing a mini water treatment plant, the means used allow us to optimise the construction’s duration and to limit as much as we can causing disturbances to the local community.



SOGETRAP, one of our subsidiaries, has an extensive experience in civil engineering and construction projects in a desert environment.

From earthworks to road building and surfacing, oil rid or environment protection, SOGETRAP is able to answer all your specific requirements, inclusive of flagship projects.

Supports Services



  • Technical and environmental assistance
  • Technical improvement
  • External control
  • Quality control missions
  • Creation of new procedures

A dedicated team of engineers and technicians who develop economical and well-performing solutions to manage the environmental impacts of our operations.



  • Material rental
  • Material transportation (TransEcoMatériaux)
  • Repairs and maintenance workshop
  • Effective road management program (more than 1500 goods and equipment).

A service that guarantees at your disposal a road management program and material on-site that follow all the current legislation concerning the environmental and Ramery’s investment policies.



  • Aggregates
  • Treated gravel
  • Coating

By offering our clients, and wide range of possibilities to recycle their demolition materials, whether on-site or in a factory and by analysing the life cycle of the pavements we build, our material production activity serves as witness of our strong environmental policy.


Studies and Design Construction centre

Ramery travaux publics possesses a dedicated team to break into potential new markets and to expand Ramery’s offer while guiding its clients with complex calls for tenders. The objective being to have the best means to match its clients needs when it comes to preparing the tender.


ISO 9001, ISO 14001, OHSAS 18001

ISO 9001, ISO 14001, OHSAS 18001
For all the Ramery civil engineering agencies, the equipment department and the laboratory.


Certificate of conformity CE 2+
for bituminous mixes production


for the Flanders coastal agency

pour l’agence Flandre Littoral

ISO 14001
for the Argues coating plant