A multi-specialist expertise


From energy to outer shell solutions, passing through interior fittings, Coexia, Ramery’s subsidiary, offers its expertise to give to clients highly technical solutions for both new constructions and those to be refurbished.

Because quality comes top on our list of priorities, Coexia equally offers maintenance and building operation.
Coexia’s engagement is to guide its clients throughout every step of their projects while keeping costs under control and this is done by integrating in our offers a strong environmental ethic and a real need for energy efficient solutions.

To ensure a greater responsiveness and proximity with its clients, Coexia has joined Ramery’s policies of national dynamic expansion and continues this way to develop itself.



Outer shell solutions

Conscious of the current energetic issues, Coexia outer shell solutions is engaged to design the best building insulation making sure its adapted to its environment and able to deal against bad weather and external elements.
Amid the know-how techniques and the material choice, everything is cautiously studied having always a balance between the aesthetic aspect and the insulation capacities of roofs and building façades.

  • Cladding
  • Covering
  • Waterproofness
lots techniques

Technical lots

To respond to ever-increasing environmental demands and soaring energy costs, Coexia needs to provide a service adapted to its clients needs and constraints. By taking into consideration the new technologies and materials Coexia makes sure that a project’s energy consumption needs is fully evaluated and the entire utility grid adapted.

  • Coexia electric can help with high and low voltage electricity grid installations, GTB (Advanced technical building management) GTC (Technical building management).
  • Coexia thermal takes care of the heating, air conditioning, ventilation and plumbing
amenagement interieur

Interior finishings

Thanks to an exceptional expertise Coexia aménagement intérieur also can help with the building’s interiors, thermal comfort, acoustic solutions of all type of constructions, all design and manufactured from floor to ceiling.

  • Wooden framework, interior joinery, suspended ceilings, plastering, partitions
  • Tiling, soft floor covering, wooden floors, screed

Maintenance and operation

A relationship based on trust could only be established on a long-term basis only; Coexia Energies guarantees a trouble-free operation and building maintenance.


Activity sectors

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  • Office space
  • Hospitals
  • Teaching facilities
  • Cultural venues
  • Shopping centres
  • Other public places


Qualibat Certifications

Coexia enveloppe
  • 3101 Interlocking and shingle roof tiles
  • 3142 Roofing slate or fibre-cement
  • 3152 Lead-free metal coating
  • 3153 Lead coating superior technology
  • 3181 Corrugated and ribbed tiles
  • 3212 Terrace and roofing waterproofing
  • 3213 Bituminous sheets waterproofing (superior technology)
  • 3222 Synthetic sheets waterproofing
  • 3271 Steel and other metals tray support for waterproofing
  • 3813 Cladding Façades – All cladding types
  • 7132 Insulation – Thermal insulation
Coexia amenagement
  • 2311 Framework installation (Routine technique)
  • 2312 Wooden framework and wooden structures
  • 2322 Framework manufacturing and laying (Specialist technique)
  • 2361 PROB supplying and laying of wooden framework buildings (Technical routine)
  • 4123 Joinery manufacturing and installation
  • 4131 Plaster casts
  • 6111 Painting – Painting and restoration
  • 6212 Textile covering
  • 6223 Resilient materials coating (PVC, rubber, linoleum)
  • 6292 Floor covering using wood, floating or glue down
  • 6263 Sport floors coverings “Combined systems”
  • 6313 Tiling - covering – mosaics
  • 6412 Building marble
  • 7132 Outer thermal insulations (Cladding)
  • 9112 Building laying out
Coexia energies
  • 1512 Asbestos treatment
  • 5112 Plumbing – sanitation installation
  • 5211 Plumbing - sanitation installation (Routine technique)
  • 5221 Boiler fitting - Chimneys
  • 5231 Casing and tubing (Routine technique)
  • 5312 Thermal installations and climate control (specialists technique)
  • 5523 Air conditioning maintenance (specialists technique)
  • 5543 Operating facilities under guarantee (specialists technique)