Human capital, the company’s first asset

By enlarging its range to new activities and areas, the group Ramery has met an astonishing growth that needs to adapt to its human resources policies and its development strategy.
All the 3175 members of staff ( s per 31st December 2013) benefit of a dynamic human resources policy which is based on strong historic values and that puts human capital at the centre of everyone’s success.

Complete trust in human capital and in all its projects

Attached to its human values that he incarnates, Michel Ramery, founding president and visionary, puts all his trust in the human capital of his company. The company’s benefits are this way reinvested each year in projects for individual development and to create employment.

Proximity management approach: because each individual has a talent and a potential that only needs encouragement

Our human resources policy relies on a proximity management approach to encourage, empower and create perspectives for each of our collaborators on both the personal and professional sides.
With a subsidiary and independent agency organisation and being based closed to the clients, permits an easy exchange, all this being a central part of our company’s values.

Investing in human capital through skill development

The group’s astonishing growth generates numerous job opportunities that need to be looked into in order to permit a career progression for our collaborators and thus promoting links between different business divisions in the group and so make the Ramery’s state of mind alive.

Quality and security

Job security has always been at the centre of Ramery’s agenda, which places people at the heart of the company’s policies. Implementing an environment based on trust and security is essential to let everyone’s performance develops.
Ramery’s group is aware of its particular work conditions, and has started, via its construction subsidiary, a preventive procedure against musculoskeletal disorders.