Ramery is a group in constant growth with a shared ambition and common values.

Philippe Beauchamps, company’s Chairman of the Management Board and Chaiman of Ramery immobilier

The company’s strengths are based upon 4 main ideas:


40 years later, the group emphasises on 5 logic and compatible divisions and wishes to find further growth in several different ones or in niches.
Diversification is also searching the best balance between private and public customers.


The group needs to anticipate the market’s evolution in order to fully comprehend the new trends and behavioural changes faced due to increasing scarcity and the ever-increasing cost of energy.


Diversification and anticipation are the main factors of development, which also needs to explore new markets.

The values

The group Ramery success lies in its will to remain independent, also in its capital arrangement (family-based) but also in its investments and by mastering its expertise.
The group emphasises on 3 values: